First garden trip

Today was mainly an introduction to the garden area. We talked with a lady from UAB sustainability and an art professor. The sustainability rep gave us an overview of the garden and introduced us to some other initiatives that they are planning. The art professor showed his two plots and introduced us to paper making. We saw some beautiful papers of varying color and thickness that he has made. Below is the picture of his plot and some of the paper he has made.

thumb_IMG_0600_1024thumb_IMG_0599_1024 thumb_IMG_0590_1024thumb_IMG_0601_1024

We also learned how to identify insect damage. Damaged leaves with little to no discoloration or other physiological abnormalities in plant leaves is usually an indicator of insect problem rather than a disease.


We got a brief overview of how to identify a bacterial infection. Bacterial diseases usually result in discoloration of leaves in different patters depending on the type of bacteria. Below are some of the examples of bacterial infections.


Fungal infections, on the other hand, usually have a white coloration to either leaves or fruits. Fungal infections result in the infected leave appearing dry and crispy compared to a healthy leaf, and infected fruits have white color to them. They also become extra juicy and squishy.




Overall, it was an extremely educational and fun trip, and we look forward to collecting and analyzing samples from the gardens.FullSizeRender


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