First Lab Session by Ciara Duncan

Wednesday May 6th 

Our first lab session consisted of a review of basic microbiology concepts and techniques that would help us prepare for the projects we will be doing beginning next week in the program.  Using E. coli, we learned to prepare quadrant plate streaks, slants, and broth inoculations.  The quadrant streak technique is used in order to isolate and purify colonies of bacteria or fungi on an agar plate.  This technique is useful when mixed groups of pathogens are collected.  images


Slant cultures are cultures that have a slanted medium within a test tube in order to provide greater growth.


Lastly, bacteria can be inoculated into a broth through various means.  In our lab, we did this one of two ways.  One method was to heat a wire loop to sterile conditions in a bunsen flame and then touch the loop to our E. coli samples.  The loop was then swished around the broth for a brief time and removed.  The second method was to use a sterile tip that had bacterial samples on it and simply touch it to the broth for a brief second, and then drop the entire tip into the test tube, and leave it.

We ended our lab by leaving our agar plates and test tubes riddled with bacterial samples to incubate until we can come back next week to see the results!


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